Est. 2013 Skate of Gear is a family owned and operated shop.

Heard often out of my lips,"it's killing me!  I don't know if I am strong enough."  I know... sometimes I am a big baby!

We began the shop in a 500 ft. square space on Gjoa Street.  

"It's all I will ever need," I told Yancey, "I can have my office here, the shop and my art supplies!"

We outgrew that location and moved to Harbor Way, a space twice the size six months later.  

"It's SO BIG!" I exclaimed to Yancey, "How will I fill it?"  

When our current location at North Nordic Drive became available eleven months later we jumped at the opportunity to move to MAIN STREET. 

Over the past two years our vision has changed from supplying our local derby league with gear and supplies to offering a range of gifts, clothing, jewelry and housewares in addition to the sporting goods which were the catalyst for the shop.

Yancey is a commercial fisherman and I have a Bachelor of Education.  I was quite experienced in retail therapy, not so much in "retail" when we began this adventure.  

"Have you always wanted to own a shop," I was asked the first year.

"Not at all," I replied honestly, "it just kind of happened!"

We are thrilled to be celebrating our 1 year anniversary on main street in September of 2015.  

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in our venture.  

We look forward to highlighting and sharing other small businesses, local artists and continuing to blog about healthy habits.


Lisa and Crew


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