Water is Life.

 “The cure for anything is salt-water.  Sweat, tears, or the ocean.”   ~Isak Dinesen
Lisa's Perspective:  just drink it.

My coping toolbox would give any H2Pro mechanic’s stacking, rolling and gliding tool cabinet a run for it’s money.  When I say, “I am out of tools,” it means there are days a tool may not stop the leak, or you know, the crying.

Today began ideally.  I woke up before my alarm well rested, did the a.m. Booty Quake workout, said my prayers and had a shower; drank a glass of (warm) water, took my fish oil and was on my feet as the kids left for school.  The morning was moving along so well I decided to switch out laundry and sweep the floor and I could still get to work earlier than normal.  Then I made a crucial error.  I decided to curl my hair.

Getting ready for the day and leaving the house is a trigger for me.  I become a 13 year old.  A few years ago I smashed a curling iron against the sink over and over until it broke; immediately my husband came into the bathroom yelling, “Stop it!  Who does that?!”  Today I could feel the pressure gauge rising.  “Do not freak out,” I said to myself in the mirror.  “Do NOT freak OUT!” I pleaded a little louder but now I was kneeling on the floor in the bathroom.   And the tears started.  And it was over. 

It was over because there wasn’t anything terribly horrible about my hair and I knew it.  The reaction was familiar and demoralizing, it sent my brain immediately to it’s default:  “I don’t want to be here, I can’t do this (life), I am a fraud.” Hysterical, I called my husband at work, “Who does this?!” I screamed back his question from years before.  He gently reminded me, “be kind to yourself.”   The faucet still ran and depleted my reservoir (insert complete breakdown here). As it dried up I felt exhausted and spent. 

“What would have been a solution today,” I asked myself.   What tool didn’t I use?  I knew,  I began using it several months ago. It’s very simple:  I don’t put make-up on or fix my hair at home, instead I get ready enough and drive to town.  Once I am at work I take a few minutes to finish getting ready. 

Fighting the urge to beat myself up for missing work I turned my attention from what I couldn’t do to what I could.  First, ordering replacements for broken shelves in the fridge.  Second, more laundry.  Third, looking for articles to support a blog about how important drinking water is.  Fourth, taking my own advice and adding a water consumption tracker to my phone.  Fifth, sitting and writing about what began as a very good day, became the worst day, and even though I spilled a glass of water on my bed… is still looking up.

Why should H20 be the first “medicine” you reach for?

“The most natural remedy known to man” Slain Bell writes, is drinking water, but “in order to reap the health benefits of water, you must drink it frequently throughout the day.”

“There is no more important nutrient for our bodies than water.  No other substance is as widely involved in the processes and make up of the body.  A man's body is about 60 percent water, a woman’s approximately 50 percent.”

Illustrating by numbers how important water is to every vital organ in our bodies:  “blood that flows through your body and delivers nutrients is 82% water; muscles that hold your bones and move your body are 75% water; lungs that pump oxygen crucial to your survival are 90% water; bones that protect your organs are 25% water; your brain is a whopping 76% water.”  ~Slain

The author’s at Cruising Chemistry ( continue to illustrate the complexity of the machine that is our body and the role water plays in keeping it running efficiently and healthy:

 Solvent:  “Water is the fundamental solvent for all biochemical processes in our bodies.  Because water is highly polar (has an unequal distribution of charge), it is an excellent solvent for other charged and polar molecules.”

 Transporter:  “Blood… transports oxygen, CO2, nutrients, waste products, and more from cell to cell; If we don't get enough water and can't produce enough urine, toxic levels of wastes build up in the body and we can become very sick or even die.”

 Protection:  “It keeps your mouth moist and washes away dirt and grim on your eyes.  Water even lubricates our joints, keeping them from getting stiff and making sure motion is smooth.”

 Chemical Reactant:  “Water is involved in many processes and pathways of the body.  We use it to digest food in the gastrointestinal tract, to access stored energy for muscles and organs, and for countless other reactions.”

 pH Regulation:  “Our bodies must maintain a very specific pH level of 7.4.  pH values less than 6.9 and greater than 7.6 are life threatening.”

 Electrolyte Balance:  “Electrolytes transmit all sorts of information to our brains in the form of nerve impulses and are important in muscular activity as well.  To maintain electrolytes at the proper level in our cells, water flows in and out of the cell to make sure that these ions remain in balance.”


“75% of all Americans are chronically dehydrated.”

For the next 30 days.  A challenge!

Drink one warm or hot glass of water as soon as you wake up. 

Switch to a glass water bottle 

(Takeya, Surf Recycled, BKR). 

Use a water tracking app, such as “waterlogged”.


Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor or a therapist.  My initial experience, since using the waterlogged app, is my body reacted with cotton mouth and excessive thirst.  As if my body was saying, "FINALLY, we don't have to conserve every drop of water in this body, bring it!"  It's starting to feel like a HEALTHY HABIT instead of a chore. Every human will benefit from keeping their machine hydrated.  It's science!




Lisa Nilsen
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