Something I believe in.

Delorme inReach has been keeping Yancey and I connected for over a year.  Although you can send a text directly from your inReach unit a convenient feature is synching to your smartphone or tablet, which enables you to send messages through your device even when cellular service isn't available; the convenience of your smart device with the reliability of satellite communication. 



I've lived in Southeast Alaska the majority of my life and Yancey has been a commercial fisherman since birth.  While Yancey is out fishing I have had his dad ask me many times, "where are they anchored up?" And I'd respond, "somewhere in the water?" I was't being difficult, I just wouldn't know where Yancey was, even if he told me.  Those two guys, like most fisherman, know the passages, bays and anchorages like the backs of their hard working hands.  I know them like a girl that never leaves town.  


Now when Dad asks me where the boat is I can show him, "here is exactly where Yancey is right now," and you can imagine how pleased that makes all of us.


I can't show you all right now because we are beginning the salmon seine season.  Locations are guarded. However, I know where Yancey is, and that he misses me ;)

inReach ins't used for voice calls although you can send messages via email as well, especially if the person you hope to reach isn't available by phone.  Be careful who you message!  It will show your GPS location, very specifically, which is wonderful in an emergency, but not something you want to broadcast as a commercial fisherman.


Most fisherman will be happy with the SE model, as their wheelhouse normally has a GPS plotter and charter.  If you plan to use your inReach for hunting, day boating, hiking or camping remote you will want to upgrade from the $299.95 SE to the $379.95 Explorer. The Explorer can track the route you have been traveling to help backtrack and allows remote monitoring by your support crew.


We recently spent the afternoon hearing a harrowing story of how quickly things can turn deadly in the beautiful wilderness we call home. I believe in Delorme inReach for it's potential to save lives.  We stock an enormous variety of products at Skate of Gear.  There is nothing in our shop which I believe is more important to our lifestyle than inReach.


Stay safe.  Stay connected.  Remain inReach.

Lisa Nilsen

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