Products? What? Is that what this is for?

Of course there is a template for posting this blog, it begins:  

Title "Blog about your latest products or deals".  

I think it's a suggestion since this is a business website.  There may be a day I get all in your face about why you should buy something from me, why shopping with us is the best thing since poached eggs, but not this day.

Selling is a struggle for me.  It is apparently important in retail.  

A lady walks into the shop and says, "what kind of deal can you give me."  In no other American shop would this work, but here?  My daughter physically cringes as the customer asks, her fists tighten, she turns to me with her "Mooooommmmm!" face (it's one reason staff don't want me coming to the service counter, I'm likely to give everything away). Today I only gave the customer a  20% discount. Progress!

Now, here is me.  I go to a garage sale and there are two stunning glass terrariums, very filthy, but I can see their value.  

"How much?" I ask.  

"$3 each," says the owner.

"No way, they are worth much more than that!  I insist I pay $15 each," as I hand her 90% more than she was asking for (is that correct maths?).

If you like our shop it's not because I am a kick ass roller derby girl that knows everything, about everything about skating.  When someone comes in to look at a long board I can see if they know more than me and I think to myself, "they know that's a long board and now I should just listen to what they need."

Sometimes people walk into the shop, begin to spin a little, and then stumble towards the door saying, "O.V.E.R.whelmed!".  Not the effect we are going for.  Is it the disco ball?

Often customers suggest we change the name of the shop, to make it more clear what we do and what we have.  We won't be doing that, but would love to hear names which people believe wouldn't alienate any person.  Simply navigate to the "contact us" page, write us a name our shop should be called, and send. I love experiments!  

In general my life has been overtaken by my passion to spread the word about Low Dose Naltexone.  I don't draw cartoons yet have a few illustrations in the works, just to clarify when a Dr. says, "it's too new, it's too expensive, it's too risky, it's too side effect laden," what they mean is, "it would completely topple the entire medical system," which is generally working extremely well for everyone except the patients.

Follow me to my personal MOM-O-FIVE link where I share experiences sincerely hoping it will help one other person suffering from similar awesomeness.   The following occurred to me tonight, I will put anything personal about me right out there in writing, but don't like people in my house.  Is that weird?


We DO have a "Welcome Back bkr" contest happening now!  Go to our Instagram account, find the photo which says "Enter to Win", leave a comment and get entered to be a winner!  Contest ends July 15th. 

Lisa Nilsen

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